Hi there! I'm Addie. I write Young Adult historical fiction and fantasy. I have a passion for diverse stories featuring girls with swords and anything with magic and KISSING!

I spent my childhood in the wilds of Utah playing soccer, riding horses, and scribbling stories. (Back then they were always mysteries, and my main character was always named Gwen. Weird!) Then I went on to the University of Utah to study journalism and become the Next Great Reporter. After a brief stint anchoring at a local station, I decided "hard news" was too depressing for my tastes--and didn't contain nearly enough magic and kissing-- so I flung myself into the land of fiction and never looked back. 

Now I live in New Jersey with my husband, daughter, and wolf dog, and I spend my days writing novels and exercise riding horses. Best. Jobs. Ever! When I'm not writing or riding, I enjoy gallivanting in the woods, running, and eating cookies.

I am represented by the fabulous Katelyn Detweiler of Jill Grinberg Literary Management.

I love connecting with fellow writers and book lovers! Get in touch at addienicole11@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @addiethorley